The Organization

ILARRDEC as an organization is headed by a consortium director who comes from the base agency, MMSU. He is backed-up by five full-time support staff. Together with the coordinators of the Regional Applied Communication Office (RACO), Regional Management Information Services (RMIS), and the Regional Technology Promotion and Commercialization (RTPC) Office, the consortium director and the five support staff constitute the Consortium Secretariat.

The consortium is composed of 5 working committees: the Regional Research and Development Coordinating Committee (RRDCC), which is the policy making bodies; the Research and Technology Working Group (RTWG), which serves as the technical arm of the RRDCC; the Regional Applied Communication Office (RACO), which is the information and communication arm of the consortium and which coordinates information dissemination and technology promotion and commercialization; the Regional Management Information Service (RMIS), which maintains in-house information system and serves as support to the functions of R and D management to address the information needs of various users in the national and regional R and D network; and the Regional.

Technology Promotion and Commercialization Group (RTPCG), which assists in fast tracking the coordination of all technology promotion and commercialization (TPC) activities in the region.

Aside from the regular framework of the consortium, it also operates with the support of the following groups:

  • Regional Sectoral Experts' Pool (RSEP). This is a pool of 100 experts representing 13 sectors/disciplines. The team reviews and evaluates R and D plans, projects and programs of the member-agencies.
  • Human Resource and Development Committee (HRDC). This is composed of the RTWG representatives of the member-agencies. It evaluates scholarship applicants and endorses applicants for trainings, workshops, and graduate studies. It also identifies the capability building needs of the member-agencies and plans out for their implementation.
  • IRDP Working Group. It is composed of technical experts from member-agencies who are actively involved in bamboo R and D. It identifies the strategies for the productive implementation of the project in the region.
  • Regional GAD Core Group. It is organized to cater to the gender concerns in the region. The group, chaired by Prof. Beatriz S. Malab (MMSU) is composed of representatives from the member-agencies based in the region.
  • Technology Assessment Team. This was organized to assess matured technologies developed by the member agencies of Region 1.

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