About the Department

The Department has had a modest share of success in the PT licensure examinations.  It has reaped recognition and awards from the Board of Physical Therapy of the Professional Regulation Commission for its noted achievements, as follows:

No. 1 PT SchoolFebruary 2012 licensure examinations
No. 1 PT SchoolFebruary 2009 licensure examinations
No. 1 PT SchoolFebruary 2007 licensure examinations
No. 2 PT SchoolFebruary 2006 licensure examinations
No. 2 PT SchoolFebruary 1999 licensure examinations
No. 3 PT SchoolFebruary 2004 licensure examinations
No. 3 PT SchoolFebruary 2002 licensure examinations

A roster of graduates from the Department were recognized and awarded as topnotchers and top placers:

Mr. Aldwin Gregorio1st placeFebruary 2008
Ms. Vienna G. Bumanglag, PTRP1st placeFebruary 2007
Ms. Myra I. Ragsac, PTRP  2nd place February 2007
Mr. Lyle Van Aldrich M. Ines, PTRP  3rd place February 2007
Ms. Glaiza Gapuzan, PTRP7th place February 2007
Ms. Sheryl Cabias, PTRP9th place February 2005
Mr. Allen C. Garingan, PTRP10th place February 2005
Ms. Shydei P. Madrid, PTRP13th place February 2005
Ms. Myrna Liza Adora, PTRP  12th placeFebruary 2004
Mr. Michael Antonio Salacup, PTRP9th placeFebruary 2002
Ms. Lenlen P. Cuaresma, PTRP  10th placeFebruary 2002
Ms. Maria Francia B. Flores, PTRP 8th placeFebruary 2001
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