MMSU produces 7 new electronics engineers

June 17, 2013

SEVEN of the 18 examinees fielded by MMSU passed the Electronics Engineer Licensure Examination held April 13-14.

The university’s passing percentage of 38.89 percent is slightly higher than the national success rate of 37.21 percent.

Thirteen of the 18 examinees are repeaters; the rest are first timers. All seven passers are repeaters. No one of the five first-timers made it. This deviates from the usual scenario where the repeaters pull down the passing rate.

The new electronics engineers are: Stephanie A. Adina, Rodelio P. Agloco, Lowie Jay M. de la Cruz, Marc Neil R. Fagaragan, Vic Jay B. Fortela, Romelyn C. Lara, and Heisenwyde L. Mamuad.